Tuesday, 26 May 2020

herman de vries – ambulo ergo sum

herman de vries – ambulo ergo sum
walks/wanderungen steigerwald 1993 – 2019

A book published in spring 2020 by Peter Foolen Editions, documenting 27 years of walks made by herman de vries in the Steigerwald, Eschenau, Northern Bavaria. The walks which were done almost daily, were drawn by herman de vries on 27 sets of 2 survey maps which were pinned every year since 1993 on his kitchen wall. The maps were used as a set of two, showing the Steigerwald and the area around his house in Eschenau, which is located in the middle of this area. Every footpath which he walked has been drawn on these maps and were renewed on the wall every year until last year. The original 27 sets of these survey maps with the drawings are reproduced in this book in actual size, the spreads of these maps on two pages have a size of 49,5 x 99 cm.

The book is hardcover linen bound with foil block printing. It has 60 pages, in the size 49,5 x 49,5 cm. The maps were photographed by Harold Strak, Amsterdam. The book is printed by Wilco Art Books in Amersfoort and bound by Wytze Fopma in a limited edition of 42 signed and numbered copies.

The price of the book is 1200 euro until 1 august, after 1 august the price is 1800 euro.

Including tax and excl. postage. For ordering send an email to peterfoolen@ziggo.nl.

Saturday, 16 May 2020

Peter Liversidge – Sign Paintings at Mile End Park, London

Since 10 April this year Peter Liversidge is installing a still growing group of more than 300 signs at Roman Road near Grove Road at the corner of Mile End Park in London. The signs show support, ask attention for and thank the NHS and other front-line workers like bin men, postal workers, teachers, bus drivers and lots of volunteers in these times of the Covid-19 crisis.

Peter Liversidge says about his signs of the times '... It is along the lines of an open letter to the NHS, care providers, bin men, post office workers, bus drivers and many others to say thank you for doing what they do, which  before lockdown was often overlooked or taken for granted.
See for more information on this project and the artist

Friday, 15 May 2020

Stefan Cools – The Garden - A Daily Walk

Stefan Cools
The Garden – A Daily Walk

Stefan Cools has started a series of editions and books, and he has published the first book and edition this spring: The Garden – A Daily Walk.

The edition is a box of cardboard including material he collected which is related to a butterfly the Painted Lady, Vanessa cardui.

The book has an essay by Cees de Boer.
concept and photography Stefan Cools
softcover, 64 pages, 16,7 x 24 cm.
design by Peter Foolen
printed by Wilco Art Books, Amersfoort
edition of 50 copies

available from Stefan Cools

Karin van Pinxteren – a book and a multiple, 2012

Karin van Pinxteren – Part of Someone's Diorama
a book published by Peter Foolen Editions on the occasion of the exhibition Karin van Pinxteren – Part of Someone's Diorama at De Pont, Tilburg, 24 March – 13 May 2012
texts by Hendrik Driessen, Hanneke de Man, Theo Ploeg, Karin van Pinxteren
31 images in full colour
22 x 26 cm, 48 pages
design by Peter Foolen
printed by Lecturis
ISBN 978-94-90673-07-9
edition of 500 copies
price € 10,00

also was published a multiple
one appears and disappears in the landscape of the other
silkscreen on lacquer on mdf
signed and numbered
22 x 26 x 1,2 cm
printed by John Dohmen Zeefdruk Producties, Tilburg
edition of 23 + 5 AP
price € 200,00

Photographs by Peter Cox
This book and some copies of the multiple are still available