Thursday 27 April 2017

Ian Whittlesea – The Egyptian Postures

Ian Whittlesea – The Egyptian Postures
Book launch on Thursday 4th May 2017, 7-9pm
65 Hanbury Street
E1 5JP

The Egyptian Postures
Dr. Otoman Zar-Adusht Ha’nish

The Egyptian Postures is a guide to the most advanced Mazdaznan exercises that Johannes Itten taught his students at the Bauhaus. Often performed while singing or humming the postures were intended to activate glands and re-channel internal energies, stirring the blood in ways that contributed to the perpetual evolution of humanity. They were also said to induce auto-illumination, the participant’s body generating an intense light from within.

This edition of Dr. Otoman Zar-Adusht Ha’nish’s original instructions has been newly edited and illustrated by Ian Whittlesea with images of actor Ery Nzaramba demonstrating the postures and an in-depth essay by Pádraic E. Moore that explores the relationships between esoteric movements, their racial theories and early modernism's embrace and eventual dismissal of the occult, Mazdaznan and Itten.

144 pages, hardcover casebound in gold cloth with red foil and red page edges
edition of 1000
published by The Every Day Press
isbn 978-0-9561738-9-8
special launch price £ 25, a limited edition Riso print produced at Libreria will accompany the first 50 copies purchased

Thursday 20 April 2017

Carol Robertson – Flowers, London

Carol Robertson
3 May – 3 June 2017
Flowers Gallery
21 Cork Street
London W1S 3LZ
image © 2017, Carol Robertson, Flowers London
Carol Robertson – Star, 2016, oil on canvas, 180 x 180 cm

Stars evoke for me the universe and the heavens. They are mysterious unobtainable points of light that draw me into the infinity of the cosmos, each one an inspiration, but together a miracle of unbearable beauty. The circle is a symbol of wholeness and completion, the never-ending line, yet the points of a star hugely increase that external line as one follows the radiations outwards from their luminous centre-point. In painting, the time taken to travel that extra distance becomes a meditation.
Carol Robertson

Peter Liversidge – Two Postcards

Fiona Banner – De Pont Museum

Fiona Banner
Runway(AW 17)
29 April – 27 August 2017
De Pont Museum
Wilhelminapark 1
The Netherlands
image invitation card, front

Alan Charlton – New Vertical Triangle Paintings, Konrad Fischer Galerie Berlin

herman de vries. from earth: oberschwaben

herman de vries
from earth: oberschwaben
18 March  11 June 2017
Kunstmuseum Ravensburg
Burgstrasse 9
88212 Ravensburg
photographs © 2017 herman de vries, Kunstmuseum Ravensburg
top photo Joana Schwender
bottom photo Wynrich Ziomke
herman de vries. from earth: oberschwaben
On the occasion of this exhibition a book is published
available at the museumshop for 15

Wednesday 19 April 2017

Hamish Fulton – Walking on and off the Path

Hamish Fulton
Walking on and off the Path
9 April – 23 July 2017
Fundación Cerezales Antonino y Cinia
Antonino Fernández, 76
24150 Cerezales del Condado

Hamish Fulton – Fine Art Society in Edinburgh

Hamish Fulton
Walking Is A Seven Letter Word
21 April – 20 May 2017
The Fine Art Society in Edinburgh
6 Dundas Street
Edinburgh EH3 6HZ

image © 2017, Hamish Fulton, Fine Art Society
Hamish Fulton – A Tree At Its Birthplace A Boulder At Its Resting Place, 2017 

Alec Finlay – minnmouth and recent activities blog

Alec Finlay

minnmouth, a new book of poems by Alec Finlay, published by morning star, FVU & North Light Arts, 2017 
for more info and other recent activities see: