Sunday, 24 May 2009

Ettore Spalletti – Museum Kurhaus Kleve II

Ettore Spalletti
works in Museum Kurhaus Kleve – on the floor, on a corner and on the wall

....In 1972 Ettore Spalletti developed a new technique based on fresco painting, in which a specially composed plaster mixture is applied to a ground of wood, linen or stone. 'I add the colour while the mixture is still fresh. It is absorbed by the plaster and colours the whole layer. This is not pure colour, however; the exact shade depends on the amount of white I use in the mixture. Red becomes pink, white stays white, black becomes grey, and so on. Then, when the surface has dried, I go over it with sandpaper. I'm also intrigued by the feel of the surface. It's not only colour, but also a kind of powder, the true colour showing through the powder. When you touch the surface it leaves an imprint on your hand.'

(text with statement from the catalogue of Sonsbeek 86)

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