Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Richard Long – Heaven and Earth III

Invitation card for press view of the exhibition Richard Long – Heaven and Earth at Tate Britain, 1 June, 2009

The front of this card is the work A Cloudless Walk
. A work from 1995 which is also published as a silkscreen print by me with Peninsula in 1996 (see my post of 20 February)

... 'I started this walk with the idea to walk across France, but I noticed that it was completely blue skies each day, so I decided to finish the walk when I saw the first cloud. So it was called A Cloudless Walk. A three-and-a-half-day walk from the mouth of the Loire to the first cloud. The walk started at a very solid geographic place, and ended, by chance, with an ephemeral phenomenon like a cloud. One of the things I like about walking is that just the simple and very normal act of days of walking can carry quite interesting ideas.'

(from a transcription of Richard Long's talk during a slide show given at the Naoshima Contemporary Art Museum, Japan, on May 25, 1997 – in: Richard Long – WALKING THE LINE, Thames & Hudson, 2002, page 147)

installation photograph exhibition Heaven and Earth: Tate, London
for more installation photographs see www.therichardlongnewsletter.org

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