Sunday, 24 May 2009

Ettore Spalletti – Museum Kurhaus Kleve

Today, 24 May, opened Ettore Spalletti at Museum Kurhaus Kleve (Cleves, Germany). It is the first solo exhibition of this Italian artist (1940, Capelle sul Tavo, Pescara) since 25 years in Germany.
The beautiful work, paintings – or rather sculptural objects – on wood or albast stone, reminds to Minimal Art but also to fresco paintings of the Renaissance. The colours of the works – with soft shades of red, pink, blue and grey with black and white and (leaf) gold – radiate wonderful in the, sometimes specially adjusted, pristine white rooms of this museum.

a catalogue and an edition is published
image top: invitation card

Museum Kurhaus Kleve – Ewald Mataré-Sammlung
Tiergartenstrasse 41
47533 Kleve
24 May – 20 September 2009

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