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Piiptsjilling album release Fiif

Piiptsjilling – Fiif

Fiif the new and fifth album by Piiptsjilling is released on June 23rd by Peter Foolen Editions.

Piiptsjilling consists of Jan and Romke Kleefstra (Alvaret Ensemble, Kleefstra|Bakker|Kleefstra, etc.), Mariska Baars (soccer Commitee) and Rutger Zuydervelt (Machinefabriek). They combine poetry with vocals, guitars and electronics. Whether in the studio or live, they always improvise. Without much discussion, they just start, and the music magically pours out, sometimes ethereally beautiful and at other times abstract and noisy.
Jan Kleefstra’s poems are in Frisian, a language most listeners won’t literally understand, but can just as well be experienced on a musical level, adding a sense of mysterious melancholy to the music.

Jan and Romke Kleefstra are also members of Kleefstra | Bakker| Kleefstra (with Anne Chris Bakker) and The Alvaret Ensemble (with Greg Haines and Sytze Pruiksma). Kleefstra | Bakker | Kleefstra released their 8th album ‘Dize’ (Midira Records) in February this year. The Alvaret Ensemble released their acclaimed self-titled debut album in 2012, with guests Peter Broderick and Martyn Heyne and recorded by Nils Frahm in the Grunewaldkirche in Berlin (Denovali Records).
Jan and Romke Kleefstra made with Celer and Rutger Zuydervelt the album GAU (MonotypeRec, 2012).
Mariska Baars makes music under the moniker ‘soccer Committee’, her first album ‘sC’ was released in 2007 (Morc Records). She collaborated with Rutger Zuydervelt on the albums ‘Gris Gris’ (Low Point, 2008), ‘Drawn’ (Digitalis & Morc Records 2008) and ‘Redrawn’ (self-released, 2012) with tracks of ‘Drawn’ covered and remixed by Peter Broderick, Taylor Dupree, Nate Wooley, Lawrence English, Mark Templeton and others.
Rutger Zuydervelt, often working under his alias Machinefabriek, released many solo recordings and collaborations. Machinefabriek’s music and soundscapes combines elements of ambient, modern classical music, minimalism, drone and field recordings. Rutger collaborated with many artists such as Michel Banabila, Nils Frahm, Richard Skelton, Dead Neanderthals, Peter Broderick, Wouter van Veldhoven, Gareth Davis and Tim Catlin. He composed music for dance and ballet and soundtracks for films. In 2011 he released his album ‘Sol Sketches’, the music for the film ‘Sol LeWitt’ by Chris Teerink. In 2016 he composed the soundtrack for the computer game ‘Astroneer’ (System Era, 2016).

The first album 'Piiptsjilling' was released in 2008 by Onomatopee (

‘Fiif’ doesn’t so much mark a new chapter for the band, but rather an organic progression of their sound. There’s a rougher edge to it then on previous albums like Wurdskrieme (Experimedia, 2010) or Moarntiids (Midira, 2014), and Mariska’s vocals have gained an even more important role.

The album was recorded at Studio Landscape in Gau and mastered by Lawrence English at 158, Brisbane, Australia, and is released on cd and as download.
The CD is released in an edition of 300 copies and comes in a vinyl transparent sleeve containing a folded poster with an image of a painting by Mariska Baars and the lyrics in Frisian and English.

Fiif is available for 10 euro at
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