Monday, 9 January 2017

Peter Liversidge – exhibition at Kate Macgarry, London

Peter Liversidge
Civilisation ?
13 January – 17 February 2017

Kate Macgarry
27 Old Nichol Street
London E2 7HR

For his first solo exhibition at Kate MacGarry, Peter Liversidge presents a group of conceptually-based projects spanning photography, painting, sculpture and performance. Liversidge allows his work to be manipulated and subsequently formed by influences beyond his control; his artworks are investigations of coincidence and not limited to the language of a single medium.
Liversidge will present, for the first time together, work relating to his ongoing fascination with duplication, pairs and the psychological phenomena of Pareidolia, the condition where upon the sufferer tries to make sense of the world around them by looking for a pattern, visual structure or, more commonly, a face.
press release Kate Macgarry

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