Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Lapwing & Fox – Conversations between John Berger and John Christie

Lapwing & Fox: Conversations between John Berger and John Christie

A publication with a series of conversations in the form of letters and small books sent between two friends, writer and critic John Berger and artist and film-maker John Christie.

Complementing their award-winning correspondence on the subject of colour, 'I Send You This Cadmium Red', published in 2000, 'Lapwing & Fox' covers a wide range of ideas surrounding art and artists, drawing and painting, nature and place.

As well as the close scrutiny of works by Giacometti, Modigliani, Frank Auerbach and others, and recollections of working with fellow artists and writers, the correspondence also explores a whole range of unexpectedly connected subjects, from making drawings of the dead and dying to encounters with barn owls and hares, and discussions of the mythologies surrounding them; from journeys on the Silk Road and observations of the night sky in Tajikistan to memories of the carved stone churches of Lalibela in Ethiopia and meditations on angels in literature, art and film. And besides thoughts on artists and writers as W.G. Sebald there is a nice passage on the work of the Dutch artist Hans Waanders.

published by Objectif Press in September 2016
hardcover, 288 pages, 27 x 19 cm
designed by John Christie
isbn 978-1-5262-0473-8
price including Uk postage £ 28, available at:
for more info please email john@objectifpress.co.uk

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