Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Spare Room 33 – Simon Cutts & Stuart Mills, Works 1965-2014

The Unit of the Work is the Word:
Simon Cutts and Stuart Mills, Works 1965-2014

open on Saturday 6 and Saturday 13 December 2014, 11.30 am – 4.30 pm
and by appointment: susan@dexterior.com.au

Spare Room 33
Canberra, Australia

a display of poetry, poem cards, poem objects, artist books and booklets and journals of Simon Cutts and Stuart Mills.

Spare Room 33 was established by Peter Jones & Susan Taylor last year as a way to present works from our art collection that aren't usually on show, particularly works on paper, artist's books, concrete poetry, exhibition ephemera etc. We hold two or three themed exhibitions a year. This is our fifth exhibition. The previous four were:
- Kabinett fur aktuelle Kunst, Bremerhaven: Selected Exhibition Posters
- Ian Hamilton Finlay: Poet-Artist
- Live in Your Head Again: The Catalogues of Conceptual Art 1967-1973
- You've Lost Me: Conceptual Jewellery

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