Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Reliquiae – Corbel Stone Press

Reliquiæ is an annual journal of poetry, short fiction, non-fiction, translations and visual art, edited by Autumn Richardson & Richard Skelton. Each issue collects together both old and new work from a diverse range of writers and artists with common interests spanning landscape, ecology, folklore, esoteric philosophy and animism.

Mark Brennan
R. Eivind
Alice C. Fletcher & Francis La Flesche
Richard Harms
John Hutchinson
Hans Henny Jahnn
Richard Jefferies
Francis Ledwidge
Truman Michelson
Sophia Morrison
Knud Rasmussen
Autumn Richardson
Christina Georgina Rossetti
Richard Skelton
Mark Valentine
Noor de Winter
W. B. Yeats

softcover, 88 pp, isbn 978-0-9572121-4-5
available at Corbel Stone Press    

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