Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Peter Liversidge – Doppelgänger, Ingleby Gallery

Peter Liversidge – Doppelgänger
1 August – 28 September 2013
Ingleby Gallery
15 Calton Road
Edinburgh EH8 8DL

Peter Liversidge’s exhibition for the 2013 Edinburgh Art Festival unpicks the powerful and strange story of Ein Handschuh, a suite of etchings from 1881 by the Austrian Symbolist Max Klinger. Klinger’s ten prints tell the story of a lost glove, dropped by a beautiful, roller-skating woman, and picked up by the artist, in whose imagination the glove goes on to live a bizarre and independent life of its own. Liversidge’s response re-imagines Klinger’s narrative as a life-size cycle of giant screen-prints with the dropped glove as a recurring motif, carved from white marble and dropped out of the image onto the gallery floor.
from announcement Ingleby Gallery

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