Friday, 2 November 2012

Robin Gillanders – Ian's Fleet

Robin Gillanders – Ian's Fleet
a book to be published by Peter Foolen Editions in November 2012.
This book is showing a sequence of 15 photographs taken by Robin Gillanders of the fleet of boats made by Ian Hamilton Finlay. This 'regatta' took place on Lochan Eck, Stonypath, Little Sparta, in June 2002.
24 pages, softcover bound, 20 x 24 pages
printed in duotone by Lecturis, Eindhoven
edition of 300 copies
there will be also a special limited edition of this book including a silver gelatine photograph, printed, numbered and signed by Robin Gillanders, in an edition of 25 copies

Robin Gillanders is a photographer living in Edinburgh and he had a long-time association with Ian Hamilton Finlay, having done many collaborations with him. In 1998 the Scottish National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh made an exhibition, and published a book, of his photographs of Little Sparta.
In 1994 I published, with Peninsula Foundation, Eindhoven, a collaboration of Ian Hamilton Finlay and Robin Gillanders, the photographic print Seasons for the portfolio Dear Stieglitz,. In 1995 Peninsula published Brount of Ian Hamilton Finlay with photographs by Robin Gillanders.

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