Sunday, 1 July 2012

Peter Liversidge – 28 & 30 June 2012

Peter Liversidge
2 Coloured Rulers received with the post on 28 June and a piece of an orange Trawl Net Ball from the beach received on 30 June, posted by Peter Liversidge in London on 22 June 2012


  1. Just a desperate attempt, someone here might know it ... I hope you can forgive me the intrusion:

    A few years ago I borrowed an art book from the Rotterdam library. I was very impressed by it but I forgot to take a note. I hadn't expected the library would delete it from their collection.

    It was about a sill living, but older artist (pension age) with a South-American name, maybe with an "O". He was living in New York (?) and couldn't earn his living as an artist so he got a "normal" job. In the meantime he continued producing artworks, but because of time- and space constraints the were small, you could hold them in your hand. They were mostly made from wood and they were delightfully conceptual. Most consisted of several building blocks and the titles were coolly descriptive, like: "Artwork consisting of three parts, one colored yellow and one burnt". They were consciously rough-hewn, like they were cut with a pen-knife and colored using random media that were available (pencil, marker etc.). It was a delightful and extremely original retrospective book. It might have a title like: "A sunday artist".

    I have never been able to find it again in the library and all internet searches have been fruitless.

  2. hello Uair01..

    could you describe the work more ?
    perhaps I could help

    thanks Rich

  3. It's difficult to describe and I don't want to point you in a wrong direction. But the look, feel and size were of wooden toys like this:

    But then much more conceptual. Like "exploring the difference between triangular and square sculptures" or "a box with three random elements". And each artwork had a photograph and a detailed description of the concept that the artist wanted to explore making the thing.

    He's a living New York (?) artist but already older, grey hair etc. Maybe a mustache.