Thursday, 8 March 2012

Lecturis Printers 90 years

This year Lecturis Printers is celebrating their 90th year of existence. The wellknown printers in Eindhoven, are specialised in the printing of books on art, in the Netherlands, ao. for the Van Abbemuseum, but made also books for galleries and museums in Great Britain. Since 1994 I have worked with Lecturis, they have printed editions for Richard Long, Thomas Joshua Cooper, Roni Horn and Hamish Fulton. Since 2010 Lecturis have printed books for me by Nono Reinhold, Dick Cassée, herman de vries, Philip Lumai and Karin van Pinxteren. This year books by Kate Beck, Giovanni Dalessi, Nono Reinhold and others published by Peter Foolen Editions will be printed by Lecturis.

on the occasion of 90 years Lecturis there is an exhibition from 2 March until 15 April 2012 at:
Torenallee 22-04
Strijp S
Nl – Eindhoven

image – Lecturis Printers, Eindhoven, building in 1940

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