Thursday, 9 February 2012

Robert Barry – Take Your Time to Sit Down for a Moment and Read a Book

Robert Barry – Taking Your Time

18 February – 28 April 2012

MFC – Michèle Didier
66 Rue Notre-Dame de Nazareth
75003 Paris

Exhibition of all the editions by Robert Barry published by Michèle Didier.
Also shown are more than 25 books, collected by Robert Barry between 1966 and 2008, which are related to time, placed on a table, the 'Time Table', and also duplicates of specific pages are displayed on the wall.

List of books chosen by Robert Barry:

97 date paintings – consecutives, journaux de 1966 à 1975, On Kawara
Non-Anthropomorphic Art, Joseph Kosuth, Christine Kozlov, Michael Rinaldi, Ernest Rossi
Statements, Lawrence Weiner
Robin Redbreast Territory, Jan Dibbets
Catalog from Addison Gallery exhibit, Douglas Huebler
Durata, Duration, Douglas Huebler
Ingres and Other Parables, John Baldessari
Steps, Stanley Brouwn
LEGGERE, Giovanni Anselmo
Fibonacci 1202, Mario Merz
Throwing a Ball Once to Get Three Melodies and Fifteen Chords, John Baldessari
A Voyage on the North Sea, Marcel Broodthaers
Having from time to time a relation to, Lawrence Weiner
Once upon a time, Lawrence Weiner
Skyline Ridge, Hamish Fulton
The Cube the White the Idealism followed by Going Through, Daniel Buren
The Red and Blue Books, Louise Lawler
Variations On I Am Still Alive On Kawara, Sol Lewitt
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Niele Toroni; WITHIN (TIME), Peter Downsbrough
The Discussions, Ian Wilson
Squares With Sides and Corners Torn Off, Sol Lewitt
Zeichnungen, Max Neuhaus
And Now, Peter Downsbrough
The Telephone Book, John Baldessari
(Untitled), Louise Lawler
March 1969, Seth Siegelaub.

Take Your Time to Sit Down for a Moment and Read a Book
Robert Barry

image © Michèle Didier, Robert Barry – One Million Dots, 2008, DVD, 60 min, edition of 30 copies + 5 AP

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