Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Paul van Dijk – Huis Marseille

artist book Paul van Dijk, published by Peter Foolen Editions, is chosen among 20 photography books from 2011 to be part of Photography Books Marathon at Huis Marseille.

18 December 2011, 10.30am – 7pm

Huis Marseille – Museum for Photography
Keizersgracht 401
1016 EK Amsterdam

Inge van Iersel, Heidi de Gier, Eline Baggen, Johan Nieuwenhuize, Adam Etmanski, Lotte Reimann, Guus Kaandorp, Karianne Bueno, Isabelle Wenzel, Paul van Dijk, Jan Dirk van der Burg, Bas Princen, Harald Strak, Erik Klein Wolterink, Siebe Swart, Isabelle Rozendaal, Marco Van Duyvendijk, Bertien van Manen, Ringel Goslinga, Paul Kooiker

On this day of the Photography Books Marathon these publications will be available and the participating photographers will give a short talk about their work and book.
Paul van Dijk will give a talk at 12.30
See for complete programme: www.huismarseille.nl


  1. Congratulations Peter & Paul. I am just cataloguing a copy of this book for the collection of the National Art Library at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

  2. I love my copy of this book !!