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Hamish Fulton – Mercantour, 2011

Hamish Fulton – Mercantour, 2011

10 September – 8 October 2011

7, rue Saint-Claude
75003 Paris

For the first time, Bri­tish ar­tist Ha­mish Ful­ton has de­di­ca­ted a walk for an ex­hi­bi­tion in a Pa­ri­sian gal­le­ry. Ro­main Torri’s in­vi­ta­tion re­lied on the condi­tion that the ar­tist had to choose a na­tu­ral site in France and that the gal­le­ry would pro­duce the whole ar­tis­tic pro­cess.
Among the nine French Na­tio­nal Parks, Ha­mish Ful­ton has cho­sen the Mer­can­tour, known for its wild and va­ried land­scapes due to the proxi­mi­ty of the ‘mas­sif’ with the Me­di­ter­ra­nean Sea. Then, the per­iod to make this hike and the iti­ne­ra­ry through the Park had to be de­ter­mi­ned.
Ra­pid­ly, the ar­tist sui­ted the sym­bo­lic date of the sum­mer sol­stice to end his trek. Three weeks of walk and wild cam­ping would be ample time to go through the Mer­can­tour from South to North bet­ween the vil­lage of Sos­pel (de­par­ture June 1st 2011) and the win­ter sports re­sort of Bar­ce­lon­nette (ar­ri­val June 21st 2011).
from press release Galerie Torri

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