Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Roger Ackling at Cairn, Pittenweem

Roger Ackling
3 April – 15 May 2011

28 Viewforth Place
Fife KY10 2PZ

open by appointment
tel +44 (0)1333 312285


The terms of this work are sunlight on wood. The medium
is sunlight focused through a glass lens, the material small
fragments of wood reclaimed from beaches. As minutes
accrue from successive seconds, burnt dots accrue into
lines. The work happens in a mean space between the
properties of wood and the impression of the burn.

There are traces of previous use in the wood (drilled
holes, nails, paint, machined shapes), the pieces vary
in size but all could be held in the hand. The lines give
an account of the objects whilst marking the time of
their making. We are reminded that history does not
offer evidence of the past but the story of the past
told today.

David Bellingham –
text from www.thesingleroad.blogspot.com

photographs by Laurie Clark – Roger Ackling at Cairn, 2011

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