Friday, 1 April 2011

Jeremy Millar – CCA, Glasgow

Jeremy Millar
Resemblances, Sympathies, and Other Acts

26 March – 7 May 2011

350 Sauchiehall Street
Glasgow G2 3JD
Scotland, UK

This exhibition by celebrated artist Jeremy Millar provides a rare opportunity to bring disparate sculptural, photographic and video pieces together with new commissions, such as the shocking, life-size cast of the artist, Self-Portrait as a Drowned Man (The Willows).

Millar is fascinated by the history of culture, especially at those points when a particular idea, or piece of work, is beginning to emerge or is coming to an end.
In using a broad range of aesthetic approaches, Millar aligns his practice with that of others who came before him in the hope that the past might be reactivated within the present.

As with many of his earlier works, here Millar draws upon a broad range of artistic, literary, and philosophical sources.
Beyond their own particular sources, what the works share is a concern with what constitutes life: when does something come alive, and at which point does life leave it?

“Most often, the first question asked of art is ‘what does it mean?’ I suspect the more important question to ask is ‘what does it do?’, even if it seems like very little, or nothing at all." Jeremy Millar
from the press release

Jeremy Millar – Incomplete Open Cubes (Burnt), 2010
Jeremy Millar – Selfportrait as a Drowned Man (The Willows), 2011

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