Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Hamish Fulton – Slowalk, Tate Modern, London

Hamish Fulton – Slowalk (in support of Ai Weiwei)

Saturday 30 April 2011, 12.00–14.00

Since the late 1960s British artist Hamish Fulton has made images and text pieces in response to his direct physical engagement with the landscape and most recently - the city. In 1973 he resolved to ‘only make art resulting from the experience of individual walks’, a strategy that he maintains today.

Fulton will present Slowalk (In support of Ai Weiwei) at Tate Modern as a collective action created specifically in response to the iconic architecture of the Turbine Hall and in the context of the recent disappearance of Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, whose work Sunflower Seeds is currently on display in the east end of the Turbine Hall as the eleventh project in the series of Unilever Commissions. Fulton’s Slowalk (In support of Ai Weiwei) is conceived as a meditative experience to which he invites ordinary people to come together and walk very slowly, in a formation created by the artist over a period of two hours. This is a form of silent activism, where the participants are both art and viewer on a communal journey. Both Fulton and Ai Weiwei explore the role of political and social activism as a force for change in art and as such this action forms a public gesture of solidarity towards Ai Weiwei and freedom of expression.

A number of participants are required for Hamish Fulton's Slowalk (In support of Ai Weiwei). Those who are interested in volunteering should email no later than Friday 29 April for details on how to participate.

Tate Modern Turbine Hall

from Press release Tate

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