Saturday, 12 March 2011

Peter Liversidge at Poppy Sebire, London

a group show with:
Matt Calderwood, Edward Clive, Alan Currall, Matt Golden, Peter Liversidge and Lee Regan

11 March – 9 April 2011

Poppy Sebire
All Hallows Way
6 Copperfield Street
london SE1 0EP

In a month of seasonal and economic gloom, Poppy Sebire’s latest show offers a little light relief. Player Player Player brings together six artists who use wit, slapstick, and a healthy sense of the absurd to come at the world from a fresh and playful angle. Never earnest, but often surprisingly incisive, theirs is work that’ll make you smile and make you think, and leave the gallery feeling slightly better.

Peter Liversidge's work is a series of proposals for spectaculair artistic projects, written up on an old manual typewriter and hung on the gallery walls. Some of them even get carried out.
(from the press release)

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