Wednesday, 17 November 2010


SuperMassiveBlackHole is Ireland's first and only international online photography magazine. Issues are available to download for free as a PDF file. SuperMassiveBlackHole was shortlisted for the Irish Web Awards 2010. The magazine was founded in 2009 by the editor Barry W. Hughes.

'Artists are encouraged to engage with the magazine as a way of exhibiting, testing, developing and experimenting with new (or old) ideas whether it is through a single image or a structured project.
Time, Space, Light and Gravity are what drive SuperMassiveBlackHole'.

Issue #1, 2009 – Barry W. Hughes
Issue #2, 2009 – Daniel Everett
Issue #3, 2009 – John Darwell
Issue #4, 2010 – Projector Collective & Via Artists Group
Issue #5, 2010 – Emilie Delugeau
Issue #6, 2010 – Ken Gonzales-Day

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