Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Ian Whittlesea – 4by4 at PayneShurvell

Week Two 15 September – 18 September 2010

Ian Whittlesea is participating, with Gary O'Connor and Daniel Rapley, in the exhibition
4by4 – Week Two, curated by Dermot O'Brien.

16 Hewett Street
London EC2A 3NN

Dermot O'Brien curated this text and writing based exhibition where work has been created that explores the uses of typography and the written form.
Ian Whittlesea will be presenting the typeface Sol Sans, that unlike most typefaces can only do one job perfectly, allowing anyone to re-write Sol LeWitt's Sentences on Conceptual Art. Any letters and numbers not used in LeWitt's original text have been replaced by the typeface Helvetica Medium.

Ian Whittlesea – Sentence 21, in Sol Sans all-caps version (detail)
vinyl text on wall, 2010

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