Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Van Abbemuseum 2009 – 2010

At the moment there are many exhibitions to see at the Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven. Part of the project Play is the exhibition Repetition: Summer Display 1983. The museum remade a display originally made by Rudi Fuchs in 1983. It's very enjoying and interesting to see how beautiful installed this presentation was. Good to see again in the rooms of the old museum many works of my favourite artists like Ulrich Rückriem, Carl Andre, Hamish Fulton, On Kawara, Lawrence Weiner, Sol LeWitt and Jan Dibbets. After a long time Mount Thor by Hamish Fulton is back on the wall and on the top floor there are 4 other works by him.
This show is to be seen until 28 February 2010.
Further there is a beautiful presentation of works by Marcel Broodthaers and a diplay of an installation by Franz Erhard Walther (1. Werksatz).
Lily van der Stokker is ending her series of exhibitions with guests with two wall drawings made by her as a frame around works by Donald Judd and Jan Schoonhoven (see my post of 22 September 2009). Until 28 February 2010.
Until 29 January 2010: JCJ Vanderheyden in the Library of the museum.

photographs by PF, 8 December 2009 (not very good quality, taken with cell phone):
A.R. Penck, Ulrich Rückriem, Daniel Buren, Lawrence Weiner, Donald Judd, Hamish Fulton, Jan Dibbets, Sol LeWitt, On Kawara and Lily van der Stokker

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  1. Hallo Peter,

    Je hebt dus ook genoten in het Van Abbe Museum.
    Alsof je je weer bevond in de kwaliteit van het van Abbe in het verleden.
    Een periode waar onze generatie toch beeldend gevormd is.
    Het is genieten van de verbanden die zijn Gelegd Tussen de werken onderling en aangebracht zijn binnen de tentoonstelling zelf.
    Het was dus van Kwam ik weer thuis in de prachtige zalen van de oudbouw.

    Groet, Hans Klein Hofmeijer