Sunday, 27 September 2009

Claudia Losi – STRIP MAPS, Milan

STRIP MAPS: Claudia Losi, Sguardo ed esperienza / Gaze and experience
curated by Francesca Pagliuca
5 October – 4 December 2009
special opening 3 October 10am – 7pm

Spazio Milano
UniCredit Banca
Piazza Cordusio

A solo exhibition by Claudia Losi, beginning Saturday, October 3, 2009, ushers in the new exhibition season at Spazio Milano, a multifunctional space within the UniCredit Bank branch in Piazza Cordusio, Milan. The venue was created in 2007 and is dedicated to the promotion of art, culture and engagement with the local community.

For the first time in the history of the venue, an artist has been invited to create a site-specific project involving the entire branch, with the object of transforming the ways in which the facility is ordinarily experienced.

The phrase strip maps is intended to evoke the full spectrum of 'descriptive' maps, recording data of radically different kinds – from the purely geographical (indicating concrete and tangible boundaries and routes) to more heterogeneous and contingent phenomena (places worth visiting, establishments serving specific purposes, etc.). The 'concrete' pathways associated with the everyday activities of the branch are then overlaid with emotional trajectories. This common thread runs through much of the artist's work, serving to draw us away from ordinary perceptions and to present unexpected elements of discontinuity.

In addition to a selection of works never before displayed in Milan, the artist will also premiere a video produced by UniCredit Group along with a number of works that have been incorporated into the Group's collection in the past five years.
Claudia Losi is closely linked to UniCredit & Art, which has purchased several of her most important works – including her entire Celacanti series, composed of large square sections of quilted fabric, embroidered by hand with the lightest of designs, as if to simulate a coverlet (created in 2006).

Claudia Losi – For Ryokan Project, 1999
balls of thread and silk embroidery, 7 pieces

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