Monday, 8 June 2009

Joel Fisher – Apographs

Joel Fisher starts by hand-making paper, a seemingly blank sheet. An image of ‘nothing’ emerges from the bucket of water, breaking its surface. A once chaotic blend of fibres are united into one plane - one sheet - one dimension. When dried on felt fabric the paper absorbs felt fibres, which appear as small peculiarities embedded in the paper's surface. In noticing these fibres, a basic departure from ‘nothing’ has been created puncturing any illusion of blankness. Fisher then pencils the fibres’ composition to a larger scale on the same sheet of paper. Both depiction and depicted become present on the one page. These fibres inspire lines with deliberate significance. Fisher then imagines how they could be sculpted into three dimensions and works towards this end. Fisher ends up with a sculpture that only has one angle of correspondence with the original fibre. The sculpture (the copy of a copy) claims greater presence than its origin, appearing itself to be the origin and the drawn line a copy. The authority of origin is made uncertain.

from press release

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