Sunday, 31 May 2009

Peter Liversidge at Bloomberg Space

Peter Liversidge – Comma 07
11 June – 18 July 2009
Bloomberg Space
50 Finsbury Square
London EC2A 1HD

Peter Liversidge has typed 86 proposals for Bloomberg SPACE. These include the possibility of opening a blood bank at Bloomberg, swamping Finsbury Square in white bunting, making a giant floral tribute, or handing each visitor an orange. Liversidge is best known for his proposals - some conceptual, some sculptural, some sublime – ranging from simple poetic moments to substantial installations and one-off performances. The proposals reference the language of conceptual art and question the role of the Artist and Institution/Gallery within their given roles. The conflict between possibility and fantasy, whimsy and visual solidity will be made evident,
by the display of all the proposals on the gallery wall.

A gin stand offering visitors an original etched glass; a giant floral tribute; a piano recital; candles emitting the smell of freshly cut grass; wildflower seeds scattered across the grassy squares of London are among the original proposals Liversidge will realise for Bloomberg SPACE. Other proposals, from the 86 originally submitted, are unrealised but live within the imagination of the audience. Some are poetic, some are performative and some unfeasibly fantastic, yet all share a generosity of spirit characteristic of Liversidge.

Collected Symphony
Thursday 2 July
7 – 8pm at Bloomberg SPACE
Pianist Tim Kent performs all the piano parts from artist Peter Liversidge’s record collection edited to form a single piece. Advance booking essential - to reserve a place email

Sound Clash
Saturday 11 July
Noon – 6pm at Pure Groove Records
6 – 7 West Smithfield, EC1
6 hour durational performance of DJs creating a narrative through song titles, lyrics, music and type.

An Evening with Tim Birkhead
Tuesday 14 July
6.30 – 7.30pm at Bloomberg SPACE
Author Tim Birkhead presents work from his book ‘The Wisdom of Birds’.

Wildflowers for the City
11 June - 18 July
Liversidge will drop wildflowers seeds from a hole in his pocket as he walks around the city.

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