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Letterboxing is a form of hobby walking and rubber stamp collecting. Over the next few years Alec Finlay is placing 100 letterboxes at sites around the globe. Each box protects a circle poem. Some of the boxes are sited singly, in locations that are described in guides written by their keepers. Other letterboxes are composed into walks. These include circlesthroughthepath at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, and Isle Arcs, Circles & Ways on the Isle of Thanet. Alec has also written about letterboxes and circle poems and discussed them in an interview with Elizabeth James. When you go letterboxing you can log your visit. See:


location Empel, near ’s-Hertogenbosch (The Netherlands)
keeper Peter Foolen
installed 18 November 2007
Follow the dike along the River Maas, starting from the village Empel in the direction of the village Gewande. On the road you will come on your left side to a big pond (‘Wiel’) surrounded by poplars. In the trees you will see a colony of many cormorants. When you have arrived at a wayside mark with number 781 go down the slope of the dike and search around the pond for the letterbox which is hidden inside the thicket. In the pond are ducks and grebes swimming. Look out for the kingfisher!

Peter Foolen, dedicated to Hans Waanders
note this is the site Hans Waanders recorded as the beginning of his work on the kingfisher.


Hans Waanders - IJsvogelwiel, Empel, 1984
Peter Foolen - IJsvogelwiel, Empel, 2007
letterbox WWLB002, Empel, 2007

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